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Recruiting the best recruitment agency

It can feel like a bit of a minefield when searching for an agency that you can trust to save you time and provide the right candidates to expand your team. Having a smooth-running team with the best talent is a goal every company strives for, and we can help you get there. ||        Agencies

Managing the return to work for your employees

Many people’s expectations for the working environment have changed. With new methods showing the capability of remote working, it has become a favoured idea for those already in the workforce and the younger generation stepping into it. The coronavirus vaccine rollout is giving us a promising light at the end of the road, and businesses need to look

Every drop counts this World Water Day

A worldwide pandemic has put the necessity of clean water into the spotlight; a basic essential that is not accessible to 1 in 10 people worldwide. On March 22nd, this year’s World Water Day is as important as ever to highlight the value of water and its accessibility to people across the globe. Regular handwashing

What are the requirements to work at Hinkley Point C

Hinkley Point C has promised to create 25,000 jobs and the aspiration to create 1000 apprenticeship positions. These opportunities will include construction, piping engineers, commercial manager, ECI&I engineers, estimators, mechanical engineers, support roles, and others over the coming years. Although there are 5 phases to Hinkley Point C, the 10-year project has been delayed due

IWD 2021, the women of Highfield talk career advice

International Women’s day is prominent for many people all over the world as it continues leading the pursuit of equality and celebrating the achievements of women everywhere. The battle to be seen and heard varies for women and it’s important that no matter who we are, we all help to call out inequality. This is

Nuclear Power – a green future or an environmental impact?

How green do you view nuclear power? In a survey of just under 2000 people, nearly half neither supported nor opposed nuclear energy with what they know about it, so we’re hoping to shed some light on the details and processes of the industry. While some view it as a dangerous and therefore unsafe process,

Making changes for equality and inclusion within your business

2020 was tough to say the least, so what is 2021 going to bring for us now? There are a lot of challenges that we continue to face, and as a business, it is going to be tough to know where to start. With the growing skills gap and an entirely new generation entering our

Gen Z – do you have a recruitment strategy for them?

Each generation that is born, brings something completely different. Understanding and accepting this is important. Why? Because it tells us how we are growing and evolving, as well as predicting what might come next. New paradigms mean new strategies and with millennials as the globalization era, generation Z is the digital era. With many parts

How Hinkley Point C will benefit the UK’s Job & Energy Industry

With such a large construction project, HPC will be the provider of 25,000 jobs as well as socio-economic benefits with a target of £130 million investment for the local community; keeping HPC a great supporter of the UK workforce and residents. All of this provided in just the construction phase alone. Once the power station

‘Build the future’ in this years’ National Apprenticeship week 

National Apprenticeships week for 2021 starts on Monday 8th February and hosts a wide range of events and activities for you to get involved with. Whether you are stepping out of school or looking for something different, apprenticeships offer the chance to learn skills and trades while still earning an income. Knowing where to go in a life can be difficult

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